Leybold Trivac L Series

5th Mar 2024

The Leybold L series vacuum pumps, specifically the TRIVAC L models, represent a new generation of two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps designed to offer a balanced performance in terms of reliability, maintenance requirements, and total cost of ownership for various industrial applications. These air-cooled vacuum pumps are crafted to cater to the demanding needs of diffused industrial applications requiring stable performance and ease of operation.

The TRIVAC L pumps use LVO 130 mineral oil as the operating fluid and are engineered for ease of maintenance and efficiency, allowing for prolonged uptime of your processes. They come in three sizes—TRIVAC D 40 L, D 63 L, and D 90 L—to suit different volume and performance requirements. These pumps feature an optimized air cooling system, simple daily check procedures, easy systemization, and straightforward installation and operation, all contributing to a lower total cost of ownership.

A variety of motor options are available worldwide to meet regional standards and requirements, including versions for Europe, the United States, and Asia, ensuring compliance and flexibility for global applications. Custom-made solutions are also available for specific demands, such as different motor types, oil options, and systems configurations, providing versatility for specialized requirements.

Additionally, the TRIVAC L series can be combined with roots vacuum pumps to achieve base pressures down to 10^-3 mbar, with the option for further customization for applications requiring even lower pressures. A range of standardized and customized systems offer a complete solution for various processes, with additional accessories and control options available to meet specific application needs.

Applications for the TRIVAC L series are extensive and include use in charging systems for refrigeration and air conditioning production, general industry applications like leak detection systems and oil degassing, furnace and metallurgy processes, analytical, research, and development equipment, freeze drying for food and pharmaceuticals, special applications in crystal pulling, and thin film coating processes